10 Items to Pack for ICDC

In a few days, Nevada DECA members will be going to Orlando, Florida for the 2015 International Career Development Conference! The members will be part of this fabulous journey for five days and they must all be prepared. For many of the members, packing is always a last-minute event! With that being said, here are 10 things that members should consider when packing:

1. DECA blazer, remember that it is a required for all ICDC competitors to wear during competition.

2. Ladies, please pack appropriate professional attire; all dresses and skits must be finger tip length. 

3. Gentlemen, bring your best ties and make sure that your dress pants are properly fitted, as well as your dress shirts and jackets.

4. Closed toes shoes, it is not a requirement but it certainly is recommended, in order to have the full professional look that Nevada DECA wants to portray. 

5. Make sure you bring all personal hygiene supplies and don't forget your toothbrush!

6. Don't forget to pack casual apparel for after competition or when you go out to one of the many parks that Orlando offers. Please remember that you are the face of Nevada DECA; dress appropriately.

7. Chargers! It is important that you keep in touch with your advisor at all time and have your phone always charged, so they can reach you at any time. 

8. Sunscreen is highly recommended to being to this trip considering the high temperatures of Orlando.

9. Make sure to bring enough money to cover all of your food expenses and personal desires.

10. Very important! Do not forget to bring an ID, unless you don't want to get on the plane and go on this amazing trip.


Be packed, prepared, and ready. ICDC is a life-changing experience!