10 Tips to Top 10

ICDC is right around the corner, and everyone is dreaming of hearing his or her name called to step up onto that stage! While there may be no magic trick to get there, follow these ten steps to help make your dreams become a reality.

  1. Hit the books! Studying might seem obvious, but it’s so easy to let it slide until the very week before! Cramming will only add stress, and makes it hard to remember the little stuff. Start setting aside a few minutes daily to look over performance indicators, role-plays, tests, or your project.
  2. Grab a friend! Need some extra motivation? Get a study buddy! Work together to come up with helpful feedback, and see each other improve.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask! Unsure of how to do better? Get in contact with your advisor! Chapter advisors are always there to help, and can often provide person experience or study material to help you grow stronger.
  4. Sleep tight! Maybe you’ve heard it before, but physical health is so important in order to do well! Make sure you’re getting a full night’s rest each night, starting now. Feeling more alert throughout the day will allow you to prepare better, and you’ll find yourself with better results come competition time.
  5. Be confident! Tell yourself you can do it! It might seem like something small and silly, but believing you can is half the battle.
  6. Compete with yourself! Don’t worry about anyone else! The real competition lies in how well YOU can do. Always strive for bettering yourself, rather than just beating out others in your event!
  7. Feed off feedback! Keep in mind advice and tips from previous judge sheets and others you have practiced with! Feedback can be incredibly helpful in getting prepared.
  8. Be prepared! Ask others who have competed in your event at ICDC what it’s like! What’s the process like? How many people are there? Make sure you’re comfortable and ready to face it!
  9.  Keep calm! Don’t forget that this is just one competition, and nothing to stress over!
  10. Finally, always the most important...Have fun! We can’t wait to see you there, and cheer you on as you take that trophy!