10 Ways to Dress Professionally!

When dressing professionally, men and women typically have different clothing choices to wear. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind when you plan on dressing professionally!


1. Nylons



One thing many women forget about when they dress professionally are nylons. Nylons even out your leg color really well.

2. Appropriate Pants and Skirts


If you’re going for a professional look, the last thing you want is to look like you can't breathe! On a side-note, ripped dress pants are never a good thing either. Make sure that you can still breathe properly and your pants/skirt are a good, appropriate length.

3. Professional Nails



Make sure your nails are well-kept and groomed; nothing screams out "unprofessional" louder than un-kept nails!

4. Closed toed (preferred) 1-2 inches


Everyone pretty much knows that shoes can make or break and outfit, especially for girls! Keeping heels closed toed and one to three inches in height will give your heels a chance to make the outfit, and protect your feet from any injuries!

5. Simple jewelry


Deciding which piece of jewelry to wear is another thing that girls are usually concerned about. Although chunky and edgy necklaces are super cute to wear out and look great with blouses, if you’re going for a professional look, choose the simpler pendent instead.



1. Tie


Ties can be pretty hard to decide on but you should try to stick with colors that match your dress shirt. Remember, both the tie and shirt must be wrinkle free! When you tie your tie, make sure that the knot is a neat triangle. The front flap must not going lower than your waist and the back part must shorter than the front.

2. Pants

man pants

Your shirt should always be tucked in. This means that you should always be wearing a belt when it comes down to dressing professionally. The buckle should be simple and not too flashy and the pants should also fit nicely. Avoid buying pants that are too long or too tight. When you are ironing your pants, make sure that there is only one straight crease line on the front and back of both pant legs.

3. Facial Hair

facial hair

Facial hair should be clean shaven. This does not mean your hair has to be completely shaved off but that it should be neatly kept.

4. Matching socks


Whenever you are dressing professionally make sure your socks match! If you cannot match socks, at least ensure that your socks are VERY similar in color.

5. Dress shoes

man shoes

The last thing that you should want to do is wear a professional outfit with non-professional shoes. Try to make sure that your shoes are polished. Dark shoes match with mostly everything, including those black dress pants you are probably wearing.


If you ever get lost when it comes down to professional dress, just look at the Executive Officer Team

and State DECA officers (like the picture of last year’s national officer team above),

not only do they follow everything above, but they also use the

last three tips (below), which work for everyone!

  1. Refrain from wearing black tops and button downs when wearing a DECA blazer.
  2. Keep your hair neat and out of your face.
  3. Don’t forget to wear your smile!