2015 DECA Emerging Leader Summit Recap

Hey Nevada DECA! What’ve you been up to in the long, hot days of summer? Ice cream, tanning and beaches? We’ve just returned from one of the best training’s available: the Emerging Leaders Summit, held in the capitol of our country, the center of leadership. Not only did we hear from incredible speakers, learn new techniques we’re bringing back to you, and meet officers from across the nation, but we met with your senators and representatives. So you’re in for a treat this year: Team 55 is ready to bring you to success.

The conference started on a Sunday, in a huge hotel, full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fellow officers. At least, it started that way. The near-midnight meetings made that fade pretty fast. But the excitement only heightened as the programs got going.

We started off with a warm welcome from one of our first speakers, and got going immediately. We learned fun new ice breakers and energizers, networked with officers from DECA regions big and small, and the time flew. It wasn’t until we were having dinner with California DECA that we realized our first day was almost over. But the activities lasted far into the night with DECA After Dark: an activity full of fun, small workshops. We were given the opportunity to learn about technology in leadership, DECA travel opportunities, how to run for executive office, and more. And don’t worry, Nevada: we’re bringing every drop of information back to you.

But the learning didn’t stop with workshops. We also had the opportunity to learn proper manners at the etiquette luncheon the following day; did you know you have to butter bread piece by piece?

In between every lesson, we had the opportunity to explore the incredible city of Washington D.C. We toured the Capitol, war memorials, many monuments, and the Smithsonian museums. Absorbing our history as a country was an amazing experience for all of us, and we’ve made sure you can share it: check out our videos and photos, all linked through our Facebook page.

Our training ended with a memorable opportunity to apply our skills, in meetings with the important officials representing our state. We advocated for continued funding for this incredible organization we all love, and received great support. It was the perfect end to an amazing weekend.

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer and are as ready as us to jump into Nevada DECA’s 2015-16 year. This summit has taught us what it means to be a leader, and we’re more prepared than ever to bring each and every one of you to your full potential.