2015 ICDC Recap

Recently, members of Nevada DECA traveled to Orlando, Florida for the 2015 International Career and Development Conference! With over 18,000 DECA members in attendance, DECA Inc. held its largest conference in history! Throughout the 5 days of the ICDC, members spent their time participating in competition, leadership academies, and national campaigns. From the Universal DECA Party to the thrilling Opening Session ceremony, ICDC 2015 was truly an experience to remember!

This conference gave members endless opportunities to emerge into leaders. Thousands of members participated in the Emerging Leader Series, such as Thrive, Empower, Ignite, Aspire, and Elevate, to gain 21st Century Skills in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. ICDC was also a time for Social Media to blow up! Selfies from Opening session to pictures with the DECA Diamond constantly filled everyone’s feed. Our own hashtag, #WeAreNVDECA, was used extensively during the conference!

A thriving member from Nevada and former State officer for three years took on the challenge to run for executive office. Valerie Caña focused on Flying Forward with the states and members in the Western Region. Unfortunately, Nevada DECA did not come back with an executive officer but Valerie still remains a legend to Nevada DECA. We wish Valerie the best in her future and hope that DECA continues to remain in her heart. This year, members of our state surely did show that they were ready to Inspire, Lead, and Achieve at ICDC! We had a handful of members that got up on stage in front of the 18,000 individuals during the Mini-Awards session as well as the Grand Awards session. Let’s recognize those outstanding members:

Aubrey Pickett (Clark HS) winner's medallion in the written exam for BTDM

Jake Flandermeyer (Faith Lutheran) winner's medallion for role play in QSRM

Pranit Nanda (Davidson Academy) finals in PHT

Michelle Le (Southwest CTA) finals in ADC

Alyssa NikoleyAlison Ryu, and Michelle Le [email protected] Live Social Media Correspondents

And a HUGE congratulations to Neil Bhandari (Clark HS) for placing 2nd in HLM at the Grand Awards session!

Like any other DECA conference, this experience is something that DECA members will continue to remember throughout their lives. We thank everyone for a wonderful year and hope to see more members at the next ICDC in Nashville, Tennessee!