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Sign-Up for the 2017-2018 Chapter Leadership Council

Nevada DECA is excited to announce that we will be continuing the Chapter Leadership Council Calls this year!

We will have 5 CLC calls this year, each focusing on a specific area of our Program of Leadership. Each Vice President will lead the call that corresponds to their area of expertise.

Following each call, there will be a monthly report for attendees to fill out on behalf of their chapter. These reports will ask the officers for updates on their chapters, information on how they used the call information at their meetings, and general feedback or reflections about the call.

The idea behind these calls are for chapter leaders to learn the information, but more importantly, share that information with their chapter members. To help make that possible, the State Officers will provide notes that you can take back to your chapters and use during meetings.

The chapters who attend all five CLC calls, fill out all five monthly reports, and take the ideas back to their chapters will be recognized on stage at our State CDC, receive a $50 SCDC registration voucher, and have the chance to win one Leadership Academy spot for ICDC.

If you are a chapter officer or advisor, please fill out this form to receive more information and invitations to these calls. Your information is requested by Monday, September 25, 2017.

Below is a schedule of the calls and their topics:

September CLC call (Wednesday, September 27 @ 5 P.M.)

The first call with be hosted by our VP of Hospitality, D’Nasia Thompson, and State President, Aria Khiabani. They will cover everything related to chapter visits, chapter activities, membership, and other back-to-school topics.

October CLC call (Wednesday, October 25 @ 5 P.M.)

This call with be hosted by our VP of Marketing Gilma Rivera, and State President, Aria Khiabani. On this call, they will discuss social media, our state theme, statewide campaigns, and other marketing-related topics.

November CLC call (Wednesday, November 29 @ 5 P.M.)

Our November call with be hosted by our VP of Finance, Amanda Jiang, and State President, Aria Khiabani. They will cover fundraising, corporate sponsorships, and community service.

December CLC call (Wednesday, December 20 @ 5 P.M.)

On our last call of 2017, our VP of Career Development, Adam Esrig, and State President, Aria Khiabani, will discuss how to improve test score, role play performances, and written event presentations and reports.

January CLC call (Wednesday, January 24 @ 5 P.M.)

On our final call, our VP of Leadership, Morgan Heath-Powers, and the President, Aria Khiabani, will discuss leadership concepts, speaking tips, and the practical applications of various leadership tools.