6 Nevada DECA Workshop Topics

The best part about being a Nevada DECA State Officer is our opportunity to meet each and every one of you members right in your chapter! Throughout our term in office we have attained knowledge from corporate-level training and have shared/ swapped ideas with different states; all of which we cannot wait to offer to YOU! Each of these workshops were carefully selected to meet all the skills and lessons a DECA member requires to be successful. From DECA 101 to How to be an Awesome Officer, the entire State Officer Team is always looking forward to meeting with members and giving a fun and informational experience.

Here is a little bit more information on what each of these workshops entails:

DECA 101:

A little stuck on how to explain DECA for all the awesomeness that it is? Have no fear; the DECA 101 workshop is here! Let potential or new members know exactly what the organization is and offers by a real ambassador! We will explain all of the opportunities DECA gives and the parts of the program to help you recruit members or serve as a great refresher to the veterans!


This workshop gives you the key on how to be successful in DECA’s competitive events. From focusing on tips to help you make a great impression to general information on the structure of a written event or role-play, this is a flexible workshop that can be adapted to fit your chapter’s needs in all aspects of competition. Great for new or old members, a little more practice and knowledge can get you closer to the gold.

How to be an Awesome Officer:

Meant for chapter officer teams awaiting for greatness, this workshop details the most efficient way to work with fellow members as a team. Based on the system the State Officer Team uses to conduct business, chapter officers will not only learn to develop their own Program of Work, but also learn the secrets to teamwork and leadership through responsibility. This workshop is set up to be an enjoyable, hands-on working meeting, focused on leadership development and goal planning.

Conference Preparation:

Conferences are the high points of the DECA year, and we know there is so that goes behind it. From fundraising ideas, to packing tips, to event promotion, this workshop will detail new and unique methods on how to make the most out of your pre-conference time. Conferences are exciting and fun, but only if you set up a solid foundation to work off of for yourself.


A workshop helpful not only in DECA, but also in the real world, Professionalism is all about the best ways to market and represent your person to the best it can be. Dressing for success, prioritizing and organizing, and writing emails/resumes are all parts of this workshop that will help you project a positive and clean image to the rest of the world.

Membership Recruitment:

There are many different types of members, and this workshop will tell you how to get them! From methods of recruitment to the significance of each type of member in your chapter, members will learn the who can be a member and the most effective ways to create and foster these relationships. Advocating DECA to everyone else may seem difficult at first, but we will tell you the steps to take to peak interest and hopefully secure membership.

Choose one or all six, and we would be more than happy to visit your chapter! Hope to see you all soon!