A Day in the Life of a Nevada DECA State Officer

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Nevada DECA State Officer? Your Vice President of Membership, Desiree Tolentino, gives you a behind the scenes look at the day in the life of a State Officer.

Every single day is different as a State Officer. Whether getting ready for a conference, working on assignments, or getting ready to visit a chapter, there is always something new and exciting to work on and look forward to for that day. Being a State Officer comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have school work and your daily DECA assignments, but you have to make sure that you display the best character and personal leadership that you possibly can. Although there is much paper work, conference calls, and chapter visits, every day brings something new and exciting to learn.

When I open up my State Officer email, I check for new assignments like chapter visit requests, leadership reflections and information on check-ins with not only my State Officer Coach, but with my team as well. Each officer has their own specified job, as well as jobs that the team must work on together. We each must be accountable for our own work and turning it in when required. I check often throughout the day so I may stay updated and on top of my work.

Learning how to manage my time, organize my priorities, and meet deadlines, was a bit of a difficult lesson to learn. Throughout the school day, I continuously add things to my planner and arrange how I can get work done as effectively as possible. When I get home, I go through the list and begin working as hard as possible to give quality work in DECA and in my school projects.

In the afternoon or evening is when I usually have my DECA time. This is a time where of my day that I carve out just for DECA assignments. Whether I have assignments to get done or not, I use that time to work on projects, papers, and brainstorm other ideas for future assignments and conference ideas. It’s important to have this time so that I can zone out all other work from school and work.

While working on the assignments and logistics of being a State Officer can be a lot to organize and work on at first, I know that all of the work I do will benefit the members and come out great in the end. Having a positive mindset and motivation definitely gets me through all of it, as well as keeping the members at the forefront of my officer work. Being a State Officer has been such a wonderful experience, and I encourage you to consider running for office!