Past Award Recipients

Student of the Year

Each year, Nevada DECA awards its Student of the Year honors to the DECA student who best embodies the leadership and professional skills developed by the organization Explore past Students of the Year below:

  • 2020-21 Shaunta Palmer, Southeast Technical Academy
  • 2019-20 Brandon Walker, Desert Oasis High School
  • 2018-19: Ronnie Camden, Desert Oasis High School
  • 2017-18: Christopher Zalazar, Liberty High School
  • 2016-17: Kennedy Villegas, Valley High School
  • 2015-16: Katerina Schoenegger, West Career & Technical Academy
  • 2014-15: Luz Diaz-Ontiveros, Sunrise Mountain High School
  • 2013-14: Joshua McGuire, Desert Oasis High School
  • 2012-13: Cristal Montes, East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2011-12: Victoria Caña, Southwest Career & Technical Academy
  • 2010-11: Denisse Labori, East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2009-10: Antares Vargas, Northwest Career & Technical Academy
  • 2008-09: Amanda Johnson, Legacy High School
  • 2007-08: Ashleigh Sprague, Liberty High School

Advisor of the Year

Each year, Nevada DECA awards its Advisor of the Year honors to the DECA advisors who achieve excellence in their support of the organization and its members. Explore past Advisors of the Year below:

  • 2020-21: Brock Taylor, Liberty High School
  • 2019-20: Brock Taylor, Liberty High School
  • 2018-19: Cheryl Burns, Clark High School
  • 2017-18: Tina Fulks, Desert Oasis High School
  • 2016-17: Lisa Withrow, Valley High School
  • 2015-16: Terry Ertman, Basic High School
  • 2014-15: Mike Escobar and Shannon Harrison, Davidson Academy
  • 2013-2014: Gabe Silva and Drew Burton, East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2012-2013: Patti Buono, Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy
  • 2011-2012: Perry Annett, Southwest Career & Technical Academy
  • 2010-2011: Geoff Demaio, Advanced Technologies Academy
  • 2009-2010: Tina Fulks, Desert Oasis High School
  • 2008-2009: Sandra Goodwyn, Mojave High School
  • 2007-2008: Don Schumaker, Spring Valley High School

Chapter of the Year

Each year, Nevada DECA awards its Chapter of the Year honors to the DECA chapter who demonstrates excellence and growth in their chapter through the Chapter of the Year awards program. Explore past Chapters of the Year below:

  • 2020-21: East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2019-20: East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2018-19: East Career & Technical Academy
  • 2017-18: Desert Oasis High School
  • 2016-17: East Career & Technical Academy

Competitive Event Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes Award is given every year at SCDC to the chapter with the best overall performance in competitive events. Explore past Sweepstakes Winners below:

  • 2020-2021: Davidson Academy
  • 2018-19: Davidson Academy
  • 2017-18: Clark High School
  • 2016-17: Davidson Academy
  • 2015-16: Davidson Academy

Honorary Life Membership / Distinguished Service

The Honorary Life Membership award is the highest level of recognition given by Nevada DECA. The award recognizes the outstanding contributions and support of DECA’s partners and supporters. The Distinguished Service Award is given to DECA advisors and partners with a significant, vibrant history of DECA support. Explore past award winners below:

Honorary Life Membership

  • 2021: Melissa Scott, Career Tech Strategies
  • 2010: David Gass, Business Credit Services

Distinguished Service Award

  • 2021: Vince Merrell Business Person of the Year
  • 2016: Jamie Hillen
  • 2014: Michelle Dodds
  • 2008: Brock Taylor