Amanda Jiang – VP of Finance

Amanda Jiang, a junior in the business program at West Career and Technical Academy, is honored and proud to serve Nevada DECA as the first Vice President of Finance! Amanda is truly eager to embark on this journey in expanding and working for the better of DECA and its members.

Ever since joining DECA her freshman year, Amanda knew that DECA was her passion and devotion. Not only did Amanda gain the skills to interact and connect with members, she was taught invaluable lessons including teamwork, public speaking, and most importantly, confidence. Because DECA has significantly impacted Amanda’s life, she is eternally grateful for such a great privilege.

Amanda has had a passion for music ever since she was young and has been recognized for her ability to play the viola and the piano. Her musical accomplishments resulted in several superior awards. In addition to music, Amanda also loves to dance. Her dedication results in hours of practice a week. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer for her church, police station, and St. Baldricks. Because Amanda is trilingual, she uses that to help the children that she babysits, encouraging them to speak their native language.

A former teacher once told Amanda a quote from Napoleon Hill: “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” which inspired Amanda to become more confident in herself. Not only does Amanda want the best for DECA, but she also wants to connect with every member.

Amanda is so fortunate to start her journey with every member into a new wonderful year!