Chapter and Membership Campaign

Every year, chapters all across the country have the chance to complete the DECA Inc. Chapter and Membership Campaign! DECA offers five unique campaigns that helps chapters grow and build lasting partnerships within the school and community. By completing the campaigns, there are great awards for DECA chapters that attain recognition through DECA’s Chapter Campaigns, including the opportunity to earn a certificate, pennant, plaque, flag, and even three allocations to attend the THRIVE Academy at DECA’s International Career Development Conference.

The Chapter Campaigns consist of the Promotional, Global Entrepreneurship, and Community Service Campaigns. These chapters submitted three DECA Idea Challenge entries, conduct three school or community outreach activities, shared with their school and community what DECA is all about, and served their community through service activities with 75% of their members involved. Chapters that completed the Membership Campaign grew by making the DECA experience available to more student members, keeping alumni involved and engaging professional members such as administrators, teachers, parents and business partners. Here are the Chapters that completed the Chapter and Membership Campaigns:

  • Desert Oasis (Advisor Tina Fulks): Completed Membership Campaign AND All Three Chapter Campaigns
  • East CTA (Advisor Gabe Silva): Completed Membership Campaign AND All Three Chapter Campaigns
  • Valley (Advisor Lisa Withrow): Completed Membership Campaign
  • Davidson Academy (Advisors Mike Escobar and Shannon Harrison): Completed Community Service and Promotional Campaigns
  • Southwest CTA (Advisor Ashleigh Tagliaferri): Completed All Three Chapter Campaigns
  • West CTA (Advisor Stan Pack): Completed All Three Chapter Campaigns
  • Basic (Advisor Terry Ertman): Completed Community Service Campaign
  • Bonanza (Advisor Sondra Appleton): Completed Community Service Campaign

Congratulations to all of you for achieving EPIC excellence in the campaigns!