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Clark HS's DECA-tastic Activities

Clark DECA, over the last several months, has worked hard to participate in school-wide events, DECA events, and start the preparation for SCDC this upcoming February. Clark DECA has made it its priority to have a greater outreach in both our school community as well as other fellow DECA chapters around the city.

Clark DECA began their general meetings on September 6th and has since hosted consistent biweekly meetings. Throughout these meetings, Clark has been preparing members for SCDC through practice sessions. These meetings have covered the types of events, examples of events, signing up members for their events, and even inviting a state officer to talk to the chapter.


Throughout the school, Clark DECA participated in late August and early September in Freshman Orientation and Open House, which were outlets to attract prospective DECA members and help fellow students settle down into a new school. In the month of September, Clark DECA began selling Firehouse Sandwiches in order to fundraise for the club and, in the month of October, sold Cane’s at our tailgate in order to fundraise for our members State costs. All profits from this fundraiser went into reducing our members' costs. During the month of November, Clark DECA continues to fundraise with Firehouse Sandwiches as well as sell Cup of Noodles to further decrease student state costs. Clark DECA also is participating in our school-wide toiletry drive, which aims to help the large teenage homeless population in Las Vegas, by collecting hair ties in order to increase sanitation in the lives of homeless teens.

Outside of Clark High School, Clark DECA has been involved in activities that involve both Nevada DECA and other DECA chapters. In mid- September, they sent two officers to the CTSO training conference at which valuable information was brought back to the Clark DECA officer board. In November, Clark DECA participated in DECA month through their Instagram page where DECA is celebrated every day. In the following months, Clark DECA sent twenty-seven students to the Nevada CTSO Leadership Rally and will participate in a holiday community service event that will aim to develop the civic duties, roles, and responsibilities of our chapter.