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Congratulations to DECA Scholarship Qualifiers!

When first joining DECA, the overflow of its benefits may have been the first thing you were told about, in order to draw you in. In addition to the preparation DECA places you through for your future and the network DECA encourages you to create, DECA also provides you with countless scholarship opportunities! With scholarships amounting to over $300,000, this amazing opportunity is available for both high school and collegiate DECA members. Supplied by several of DECA’s corporate sponsors, such as the Marriot, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Walgreens, a majority of these scholarships are specifically merit based, with requirements and guidelines set by the sponsors themselves.

Although the deadline for the round of 2016 DECA scholarships has already passed, Nevada DECA would like to congratulate everyone who applied as well as qualified! When applying for DECA scholarships, individuals must first submit their online application in order to be considered for the final round of decisions. Below, we have recognized the outstanding individuals who have made it to the final round!

  • Lionel Campbell III, Arbor View
  • Antianira Carrilo, UNLV
  • Marcelle Cruzado, SWCTA
  • Bianca Cseke, UNLV
  • Jason Demaria, East CTA
  • Hayley Hass, Davidson Academy
  • Nicholas Huynh, UNLV
  • Odalis Martinez, Valley
  • Johana Mendoza, UNLV
  • Rochelle Mae Ruiz, UNLV
  • Daniela Sanchez, UNLV
  • Jailene Vazquez, UNLV
  • Kennedy Villegas, Valley
  • Yu Xuan Yang, ATA

Don’t forget that all additional materials required for the final round must be at DECA Headquarters by Monday, February 22, 2016! Congratulations, once again Nevada DECA, we wish you all luck on your future endeavors!

For more information about DECA’s corporate sponsors, the requirements involved, deadlines, etc., we have provided the link below!