DECA Introduces New National Membership Campaign

For the 2011-2012 year, DECA aims to “Aspire Higher” in terms of membership with an exciting new national membership campaign that provides DECA chapters across globe the opportunity to earn unprecedented rewards for members, the chapter and the advisor. The campaign plays on this year’s theme and International Career Development Conference location. Replacing last year’s Gold and Diamond Levels are three new levels chapters can aspire to reach: Pinnacle, Peak, and Summit.

The first level, Pinnacle, can be acquired by recruiting 11 more students than last year, 11 alumni members, and 11 professional members to your chapter. Rewards include a special certificate, an advisor shirt, free curriculum, and complimentary blazer patch exchange service for all of your chapter’s DECA patches - now you can be rocking the NEW DECA style!

To meet the Peak Level requirements, chapters must recruit 12 more students than last year, 12 alumni members, and 12 professional members. In return, your chapter will be profiled on DECA.org in addition to the rewards from the Pinnacle Level.

And finally, if your chapter aims to reach Summit, the highest level of the new national membership campaign, you must recruit 20 more students than last year, 20 alumni members, and 20 professional members. This challenge might sound difficult, but the rewards make the hard work more than worth it. Chapters that reach the Summit Level will receive a special plaque and VIP seating at ICDC 2012 as well as the prizes awarded at the Pinnacle and Peak Levels. Please note that if your chapter cannot achieve 20 more students than last year they may be substituted with additional alumni and professional members.

The membership campaign ends December 1, 2011, so be sure to recruit, recruit, recruit and “Aspire Higher” towards greater membership!