DECA New York Experience

As the semester begins to wrap up, and we transition into winter break, our minds shift to what various things our few short, blissful weeks off will entail. Though you may have this year’s break already jam-packed with travel, activities, studying and more, it’s never too early to be looking at what opportunities will come for the holidays next year. And we all know what will make for the most exciting, fun, and enthralling experience: more time with DECA!

For several years now, DECA has offered the incredible opportunity of the New York Experience. In just a few short days in the heart of New York City, students visit countless fascinating locations, ranging from the finance district, to the Empire State Building! Not only will this once in a lifetime opportunity offer incredible memories and lasting friendships, but it’s also a great entry into the business world. Whether your specialty be sports entertainment, accounting, or anything in between, this amazing trip will set you up with valuable information and important connections.

So as fall comes to an end and winter finally sets in, don’t forget to add DECA’s New York Experience to your wish list.