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What We Learned at ELS 2017

The 2017 Emerging Leader Summit in Tysons Corner, VA brought in more than 100 emerging leaders from all over the country to learn how to EMPOWER or ELEVATE their associations and chapters. Learn more about the conference through your Nevada State Officer’s thoughts on the conference.

Aria Khiabani, President

"ELS provided me with tools that could never have been taught to me in any classroom. I learned how to advocate effectively for my peers in the school system and across the nation. Not only did this advocating help me grow as a speaker but it also helped me improve my networking skills. These skills are applicable in all sorts of scenarios and I am excited to use these new tools that have been added to my tool box."

Gilma Rivera, Vice President of Marketing

"ELS was by far one of the best conferences I have ever attended. My favorite part about the conference was our amazing workshop host: Rhett “Retro” Laubach. Not only did he teach several association officers how to deliver an awesome workshop, but he also taught us several leadership lessons. I will never forget the people I connected with or the memories I made at ELS."

Amanda Jiang, Vice President of Finance

"ELS was such an amazing opportunity to not only bond with other association officers, but also to learn new things that will elevate us as state officers as well as individuals. The lessons taught were extremely effective in any presentation environment, no matter if it is hosting a workshop, or even a simple presentation in your classroom; therefore, it's skills like these that will last well beyond our term as state officers. Washington D.C. provided me with limitless memories such as seeing some of Washington D.C.'s history, the night tour, mini karaoke sessions, and touring DECA Inc. headquarters. The Emerging Leaders Summit was truly an unforgettable experience!"

D’Nasia Thompson, Vice President of Hospitality

"With not only the opportunity to learn crucial leadership advice, but also develop the skills needed to successfully help lead Nevada DECA this year, the Emerging Leaders Summit taught me a tremendous amount of information. Aside from leadership training, I learned to appreciate the value of public speaking and recognize how powerful a workshop/speech can become when you develop effective methods to capture your audience. A personal highlight from this conference, for me, was touring nation's capital with the Western Region and exploring all the sights that Washington D.C. has to offer!"

Morgan Heath-Powers, Vice President of Leadership

"What made my experience at ELS one of my most memorable conferences yet was the way in which so much attention was given to our duty to serve as state officers. The training we received in the workshops extended far beyond our term within our state association, in such a way that I’m confident I will be able to continue serving others throughout my life. And to be surrounded by state officers from across the country - like-minded peers who cared just as much about this organization - it was truly an amazing experience."

Adam Esrig, Vice President of Career Development

"Although I can only speak for myself, I believe I can speak for the whole team in saying that our trip to the Emerging Leaders Summit in D.C. was one for the books. Getting the chance to meet and connect with over a hundred other association officers, in addition to learning extremely helpful tips on workshops, public speaking, and social media use, made this trip extraordinary just with those factors. Yet, that wasn't all, as we were able to become acquainted with the amazing city we were in, and even got the chance to advocate for Career and Technical Education by meeting with all six of our Nevada State Legislators. I can definitely say that I made some lasting memories on this trip, and I am so lucky that I got experience it all alongside my amazing team and the amazing members and officers of DECA."

If you haven’t already, go check out our ELS Vlogs on Youtube to learn more about this amazing conference!