Get a great spot at our State Career Development Conference (SCDC) in February. The SCDC will encompass over 950 members and advisors. Reserve your spot now!

Essential to DECA programs is the support of local businesses. They know that the kind of preparation DECA helps provide is good business and, because it produces a quality work force, it's cost effective and helps business compete. They have a stake in helping schools educate qualified marketing professionals.

Why Should You Exhibit?

Promote to the Teen Population

Did you know that the majority of DECA Chapters run school stores where they sell everything from food and drink to apparel to the student body? Students are the product buyers and are continuously looking for new items that will interest their peers. This is the perfect avenue to promote products that appeal to teens.

Promote Your College or University

DECA students look forward to this conference and the opportunity to learn about universities and colleges. Over 80% of all DECA members attend college after graduation--don’t miss your chance to recruit the best students Nevada has to offer!

Promote Your Career Field or Company

DECA students are making decisions NOW about their future career paths. Here is YOUR opportunity to make sure they learn and consider your profession.

Direct Advertising

If you have a product or service that appeals to the teen market, exhibiting is an excellent marketing opportunity for your business or organization.

Exposure & Interaction

Students attending these conferences are from many different high schools in Nevada. By exhibiting with Nevada DECA you are guaranteed exposure to all student attendees. Your company has the opportunity to interact with decision makers while displaying your product, showing videos, passing out applications, samples and handouts.

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