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FALLing For DECA? We are too!

I fell in love with DECA at my first chapter meeting, and again at my first state conference, and again at my first ICDC… and again, and again, and, uh…

I really like DECA.

When school started, it marked my final year as a high school DECA member (tear), so I’ve made a promise to myself to make the absolute most out of this one last year. You could even say I’ve FALLen for DECA. Are you, too? Checkout these eight tell-tale signs that you, too, are #FallingForDECA, and use the hashtag to tag your own incredible DECA moments.

Are you…

1. Spending too much time window-shopping on DECA images?

My favorite sweatshirt proudly reads “DECA” across the front—it’s navy blue and perhaps a little too well-loved, but I can’t resist representing my favorite organization

2. Recruiting new members anywhere you can?

Do you have that freshman friend you can’t help but encourage to join DECA whenever you see them, because you know once they join that they, too, will catch the DECA bug?

3. Friends with people you never would have met without DECA?

Some of my best friends I’ve met through DECA—some in my own chapter, some across the state and the country! You know DECA has made a lasting impact on your life when you can travel to a different state and already have friends who live there!

4. Incessantly talking about ‘that one club?’

Do your friends roll their eyes when you start talking about that awesome trip you took to Nashville? Are they jealous when you say you’re staying at The Disneyland Hotel for this year’s ICDC? If so, you’ve probably also told them no less than fifteen times to join DECA, too…

5. Checking your social media for #OwnYourFuture posts and new announcements about upcoming conferences and workshops?

You’re not alone—we love our social media because it lets us connect with awesome members like you! It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on important news. Oh, and it’s always exciting to get a retweet from an executive officer!

6. Counting down to conferences that are still months away?

Like this year’s Western Region Leadership Conference in Seattle, Washington? Nevada DECA is proud to have over 100 members attending this year—are you going to be one of them? Stay tuned for more updates from NV DECA about this exciting conference.

7. Already preparing for your competitive event?

If you need some tips and tricks, register for Champions League training HERE (link) and the Chapter Leadership Counsel HERE (link). Start preparing for your event now so that when state conference comes you’re ready for the podium.

8. Using DECA jargon more often than you’d like to admit?

Are you talking to your DECA friends about ESB and WRLC and SCDC and ICDC? Being part of DECA is like speaking another language, sometimes. Good thing you’re fluent!

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, there’s only one answer you need to know: you’re #FallingForDECA, and this year’s going to be the best yet! Stay tuned to www.NevadaDECA.org for more updates and posts like this one throughout this awesome year to come!