How to be a National Champion-Competition Tips to Get you Ready for ICDC 2013

Part I

Northern Nevada Vice President Ikya Kandula and her partner Amy Bodner of Davidson Academy share their competitive event studying tips after a recent win as National Champions in Hospitality and Tourism Team Decision Making Event at ICDC 2012.


In order to achieve success, one must be willing to put in the time it takes to reach success. Although studying does take a lot of time and dedication, the exam portion of your competitive event is just as important as the role play. Here are a few studying tips to get you prepped for competition:

  • Set aside some time in your schedule to study. If you’re not looking at your performance indicators or practicing your role plays at least twice a week, you’re not doing enough.
  • Remember: practice makes perfect, therefore, no practice makes for no progress.

    Read your notes and other testing material before you go to sleep. Studies show that reviewing something right before sleeping will make you learn it better.

  • Don’t pull off a one-night study party with you and your best friend, Red Bull. Cramming is never the answer if you’re serious about being a National Champion. Plan to study a little bit each day, or at least on a regular basis (see bullet first bullet point) so you don’t find yourself studying last minute.

Performance Indicators

Knowing the performance indicators are vital to doing well in your role play. We suggest that you brush up on DECA’s performance indicators here:  http://www.deca.org/competitions/highschool/  Along with checking out DECA Inc’s resources, here are some other tips for scoring high marks on your role play:

  • Pace yourself. Start doing performance indicators early, which we suggest would be about a month before the State Career Development Conference (SCDC) , so you don’t fall behind and miss the crucial ones.
  • If you have a partner, split up the performance indicators based on topic. This will allow each of you to be specialized in a certain topic, and that will help in dividing who gets what in your role plays.
  • Don’t fully rely on the Internet to learn about performance indicators. Purchasing marketing textbooks will give you better insight on these topics. Ask you DECA advisor which textbooks have the performance indicators in them or check out DECA Images to purchase practice role plays.
  • Go over the performance indicators multiple times. Handwrite, type, read aloud, or any other techniques will be a huge help in memorization. Studies show that facts stick in head after the third time you go over it!

Want to learn more about doing well in role plays next year and practicing the tips that got Ikya and Amy to 1st place? Check back soon for the second installment in their competition prep blog. Until then, happy preparation!