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How to Write an Award-Winning Resume

As young, eager business leaders, us members of Nevada DECA are constantly seeking new opportunities to grow. Whether it be through a job, internship or volunteer experience, this often requires us to be prepared to put our best foot forward. These places want to get to know who they’ll be working with, what they’ve previously done, and what they’re interested. Don’t worry: you don’t need to write them any long essays or sit down for five hour interviews. Having a good, clean resume will answer any questions they might have, and showcase exactly why you’re the best decision they’ll ever make. However, writing an amazing resume is a little easier said than done...that is, without this article. Following the five simple tips below will guarantee you’re ready to blow them away.

  1. Make a list. Writing a resume can seem very overwhelming at first; how are we supposed to know every little thing to put on there? A much simpler approach is to make a quick and easy list. Simply grab your phone, computer or a piece of paper and take a few minutes to jot down some of your main activities and accomplishments. Don’t worry too much about getting every little thing. Instead, focus on those that are most important to you, the biggest time commitments, and the most recent.
  2. Do your research. If you have an idea of who will be seeing your resume, learn about what they look for and take some notes. Be careful not to copy any online examples, though, or that could be a quick way to lose an amazing opportunity.
  3. Watch your language. Whether you’re showing a college recruiter or a McDonald’s manager, your resume should reflect your most professional self. Use formal writing and avoid slang terms. It may seem simple and rather obvious, but the difference in language can make a huge impact on those reading your resume.
  4. Don’t be afraid to brag. A resume should be highlighting every great thing you’ve done, so be proud! Highlight the most amazing things at the top, and be sure to clarify why it was such a big deal. Don’t forget to list DECA in there, and all the amazing awards you’ve won in your event!
  5. Ask for help. Developing the perfect resume isn’t going to be easy. Ask some friends and family who have experience to offer advice on styling, language and more. But the help doesn’t stop there. Check out Google Docs, some word processors and browse around for some incredible formats and more useful tips, just like these!

Get typing, and don’t be too shocked when you have offers flying at you too fast to count!