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How YOU Can Take Your DECAcation to the Next Level

One thing that has been a consistent strength of Nevada DECA is our ability to improve and expand our success in innovative ways, year after year. From our growth in membership to nearly 2,000 professional and student members, to the introduction of several new state programs over the past three competitive seasons alone, our association has a history of positive, upward trends.

But that growth comes down to the determination of members like YOU to always be doing more and getting better. Whether you’re a first-year DECA member, a past ICDC champion, or a dedicated officer and DECA veteran, there are always ways to improve. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the specific things you can work on this year to take your DECAcation from good to great.

1. Apply for DECA scholarships!

 We’re always talking about how DECA prepares you for the future, but that extends far beyond the DECA skills developed through competition. DECA Inc. offers a variety of different scholarships specific to different types of members. Check out the following DECA Direct article to determine which scholarship would be best for you: https://www.decadirect.org/2017/11/21/deca-scholarship-right/

2. Become a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent!

Speaking of DECA Direct, have you ever wondered who the writers are behind the articles you read there (and if you haven’t visited DECADirect.org yet, you really should!). Well, they are members just like you. If you’re someone who loves DECA and knows it well, then you should definitely consider applying. DECA Direct Social Media Correspondents are responsible for writing and submitting one article related to DECA each month. The stronger your writing and the more original your work is, the more likely you are to be published! This is a great way to expand your influence in DECA, and also makes for a great addition to college resumes. To learn more about this opportunity and get started on the application process, check out the following article from – you know it – DECA Direct: http://www.decadirect.org/social-media-correspondent/

3. Escalate your competition preparation!

Your success in competition is a direct reflection of the work you put into preparation. To find competition tips specific to your type of event and areas in most need of improvement, check out this compilation of resources from DECA Inc. Communications Manager, Janelle Arrighi: http://www.decadirect.org/2017/04/15/ultimate-decaicdc-competition-tip-list/

4. Put yourself in a position of leadership!

If you’re like most experienced, DECA-loving members out there, you likely have many of the leadership qualities characteristic of strong chapter and state officers. If you’re looking to play a greater role in DECA, give back to the organization, and have your ideas and initiatives carry a positive impact to other members, consider running for a position that could allow you to fulfill these goals. To learn more, talk to your own advisor, chapter officers, and state officers, and check out the following article on why such an opportunity could be just what you’re looking for: https://www.decadirect.org/2017/12/01/3-reasons-deca-officer/Morgan