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The Top 7 Moments from ICDC 2017

When you challenge Nevada DECA, we do more than just complete the task, we own it!

 This year’s theme was Own Your Future, and the more than 19,000 members who attended the 2017 International Career Development Conference did just that.

Here are our Top 7 moments from this year’s ICDC.

7. Attending Extraordinary Workshops

Several workshops were offered to inspire members to achieve more within their delegations and bring new ideas to their chapters. Aligned with 21st Century Skills, members covered critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity, and innovation strengths through collaboration with ICDC attendees. Workshops were IGNITE, ELEVATE, EMPOWER, ASPIRE and THRIVE.

6. Networking with International Members

Meeting people from all around the world is great, but meeting people from around the world who share the same interests as you is remarkable! One of the easiest ways to meet members from different states and countries is pin trading. Not only do you have a fun souvenir to take home, but this also gives you an opportunity to learn more about where they come from.

5. Grand Opening Session

You’re riding up the escalators and entering the Grand Opening Session. The closer you are to the top of the escalator the stronger the energy gets! You’ve never experienced anything like it before! The music is loud, members are meeting each other and as count-down starts, “Wow!” what a feeling of excitement. The performances by Echosmith and Billy Gilman were unforgettable.

4. Chapter Bonding 

What's better than traveling with a couple of your best friends? Nothing. Sharing a room with three other people may not sound ideal at first, but you and those three other members will learn so much about each other while having a blast!

3. DECA Tours 

Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios were a few of the stunning tourist attractions Anaheim, California had to offer. All Nevada DECA members lodged in the Disneyland Hotel, how magical!

2. Hayley Haas Elected As Our Western Region Vice President

Former Nevada DECA State Officer, Hayley Haas, was elected as your 2017-18 DECA Western Region Vice President. Haas ran a campaign focused on connectivity both within and outside the Western Region and reports her success wouldn’t be possible without the support of Nevada DECA. Follow Hayley @decavphayley

1. Grand Awards Session 

That moment of excitement each time someone from Nevada DECA was called up on stage was overwhelming. More Nevada DECA members placed in the top of their competitive event than in previous years.