Ignite and Inspire! CTSO Summit 2012

This summer, the Nevada DECA State Officer Team packed up their bags and got ready to head up the mountain towards Lake Tahoe for the annual CTSO Summit. Held at the Monte Bleu Hotel, they had the chance to network and collaborate with all the three other Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) State Officers. Nevada DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, and SkillsUSA all attended this amazing conference that aimed to IGNITE even more passion for their organization and INSPIRE to become better student leaders.

CTSO Summit was an amazing time for the team to strengthen their bonds and further progress on this year’s Program of Work for the state. They have made great progress so far and have decided and planned the rest on what’s to come this year. Now that their term is more than halfway over, they find that their cohesiveness is indefinite and it makes them even more excited to work together in future events.

The officers also underwent extensive workshop training in order to sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge. The days consisted of long hours of new information and productivity, but thanks to workshop facilitator, Amy Gallimore (Director of Leadership Development at TRI Leadership Resources), it was certain that the time spent was always fun and full of high energy.

However, the training conference wasn’t only workshops. It gave the team the opportunity to not only learn more about their own association, but also get to know what it’s like in others. “The other CTSOs aren’t as different as I expected,” says Valerie Cana, Vice President of Publicity, “We’re all striving to be the best in what we want to become, we’re all working hard to do more for our members and become better leaders. All that’s different is the areas of expertise.”

CTSO Summit was a time when many friendships were made, countless business cards were exchanged, and laughter and fun times ensued. This annual conference for Nevada CTSO State Officers really emphasizes the great opportunities at hand for student leaders and the times when working with a team of amazing people really pays off.

“It was an experience I will never  forget,” says Valerie Cana, “They are people I don’t think I will be able to forget either! All I can say now is that I’m counting the days until FLX to see them all again!”