Ingrid Zarate

Ingrid Zarate is enthusiastic and honored to be your 2015-2016 Nevada State Vice President of Membership! Ingrid is entering her senior year at Del Sol Academy of Performing Arts, where she majors in Marketing. Pursuing a master’s degree, Ingrid plans to take her love of marketing and service into a profession as an entrepreneur, striving to make her community better.

Since her freshman year, Ingrid has been a member of DECA and has served as a chapter officer for two years. Her desire to serve the organization and its illustrious members has never faltered; instead, she continually strives to make the best of her DECA experiences.

Ingrid’s enthusiasm and devotion travels even beyond DECA. She has been competitively involved in cross country, basketball, and track and field for years now. As a matter of fact, Ingrid holds the title as 2014 Regional Champion of Southern Nevada in cross country and enjoys competing with the best at the state level. Ingrid is determined to bring the heart of a champion into her new role as State Officer this upcoming year.

Ingrid attributes a great deal of her personal success to the lessons she has learned as a member of DECA. The organization has taught her personal responsibility and determination, and has given her the opportunity to build and showcase her passion for business marketing.