Irene Kim – VP of Marketing

Irene Kim is excited to serve as Nevada DECA’s VP of Marketing! She attends WestCareer and Technical Academy where she will be a senior for the 2018-2019 school year. She is eager to use a wide range of her technical tools in order to improve DECA. One of her tools she plans to use is to use social media so she can reach local DECA events and to strengthen NevadaDECA’s involvement as well as every members active participation and networking skills.

Through the past two years that Irene has been in DECA, she has found DECA to be one of her passions. The opportunities that DECA has offered has helped her win 2nd place inPrinciples of Business Management and Administration at the 2017 state conference. She also became her chapter’s Historian, and attended DECA’s International Career DevelopmentConference as a competitor. She has been able to learn how valuable confidence, networking, and leadership can be through the power invested in DECA.

Irene loves to involve herself in DECA, but when she’s not doing so she loves volunteering at the Las Vegas Chinese School, spending time with her family and friends, and watching while singing along to Disney movies. High School Musical is a perfect example of one of her favorite sing-a-long movies.

Irene has always had a strong, enthusiastic passion for creativity, but she has always had a driving focus for anything business related. Given her persistent dedication for creating art and a business mindset, she strives to become a CEO of her own company one day in the future. She finds that her two passions would end up complimenting each other in order for her business to thrive as one powerful business. Since one of Irene’s lifelong passionate pursuits is creativity, she would naturally plan on pursuing a major in the fine arts or design in college, but also minor in business. She has not yet decided upon the college she plans to attend, but she would like to venture off to the east coast.

Irene is more than honored; she is amazed at her practical and tactical ability to serve an amazing organization that she sincerely considers to be her second family.