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[email protected] Global Leaders Network

Nevada DECA is excited to partner with the University of Pennsylvania’s [email protected] (KWHS) Global Leaders Network!

Global Leaders Network

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The KWHS Global Leaders Network is an exciting new online platform dedicated to enhancing leadership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy opportunities for all students and educators. Nevada DECA members and advisors receives exclusive access to resources and opportunities for educators and students who want to explore and pursue their business, entrepreneurship and leadership interests both inside and outside the classroom. The KWHS Global Leaders Network is not a structured program that requires resources from its members to manage.

Through KWHS Global Leaders Network, you have access to:

  • Free access to resources for all educators and students affiliated with your organization
  • 400+ engaging lesson plans spanning nine subjects, from entrepreneurship to leadership
  • Hundreds of informative business articles specifically written for high school students
  • Blogs to discuss trending issues in business, entrepreneurship and leadership
  • A video glossary defining hundreds of business-related terms
  • Online discussion forums covering business topics with industry experts
  • Participation in exciting challenges to create and implement solutions for corporations
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