Legacy DECA Visits Zappos Headquarters

On May 26, 2011, Legacy High School’s DECA chapter enjoyed a business and industry tour to a billion dollar online retailer - Zappos. This corporation, whose headquarters is based in Las Vegas, sells shoes along with other apparel and accessories online. The 25 DECA students who went on the tour got a firsthand view of what a structured office environment and marketing department has to offer, as well as the unique working environment that the company calls “Family at Zappos.”

During the tour, the Legacy students were given personalized name tags and invited to sign in on to a set of computers in order to help the company collect data to use in the future for surveys, coupons for the Zappos website, and other important function. Afterward, the tour guide John talked about the casual working environment by showing the students his “wall of fame” for ties. The display was made up of ties that had been cut it in half, labeled and posted on the wall.

On the next part of the tour, the students visited the Zappos customer service call center with culture being the number one priority, even before customer service. At Zappos, there are no scripts, no time limit on calls, and live online chat is available to customers. Next, the students toured the office environment, where even the CEO is in a cubicle alongside the other employees. Each department is split into a “tribe” or team that decorates their cubicles according to their tribe’s chosen theme. For completing a personal goal, employees may even sit in the special “royalty chair” with a crown on their head after they complete a personal goal in 30 days. There were other perks for employees, as well, including a nap room, a break room with massage chairs, free lunch in the cafeteria, and cleaning services so that the employees don’t have to worry about their laundry when they get home.

The Legacy DECA students were amazed and astounded by the culture and environment of Zappos. Nathan Keith, Nevada DECA Vice President of Membership, inquired about future internships for students, and Zappos was so impressed with Legacy DECA’s professional dress that the management team is currently looking into making these internships happen.

Altogether, the Legacy DECA students learned that allowing your employees to have input on important aspects of a company allows the organization to grow productively and collectively – an idea that the chapter immediately began applying to its chapter operations. Legacy DECA looks forward to participating in the Zappos marathons and building a partnership with Nevada DECA.

This article was written by Nevada DECA State Secretary Caprecia Singleton of Legacy High School

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