Make It Count: 2013 Nevada DECA Chapter Visit Workshop Topics!

One of the most important and most anticipated parts of being a State Officer is our opportunity to get out and visit with our chapters here in Nevada.  The entire State Officer Team is always looking forward to an opportunity to meet with our members, and we are all able to provide valuable DECA information through our interactive workshops.  Each of these workshops covers a different topic of your choice, with the topics being: DECA 101, Fundraising, Membership and Recruiting, How to Run an Effective Meeting, Running for State Office, and Competition.

Here is a little bit more information on what each of these workshops entails:


Focusing on tips to help members succeed in competition, as well as more general information for newer or less experienced members, this workshop is perfect for helping a chapter out in all aspects of competition.  It is a flexible workshop that can be altered to fit a chapter’s needs, whether that be learning more about competition in general, helping members decide what events they want to choose, tips on how to succeed and do better, or a combination of these.  It is an excellent workshop for members, both new and old alike.

Running For State Office:

Having all gone through the election process successfully, all of the State Officers have a great deal of knowledge about the various aspects of running for state office.  This workshop details a lot of the things that will help with running for state office, and the aspects of a successful campaign.  Whether delivered to a small group of interested candidates or to a larger audience, this workshop is perfect for telling you everything you could need to know about running for state office, right from people who have gone through the process and won!

DECA 101:

DECA 101 is all about DECA!  It is a perfect workshop for acclimating new members to our wonderful organization, helping them to learn more about our wonderful organization.  Covering a number of things, it is a basic, but informative workshop that helps to ease new members into their first year with us, with information coming straight from the State Officers themselves!


Fundraising is an important part of any chapter regardless of your size, and this workshop is meant to help chapters and their members learn a little bit about how to effectively fundraise.  Not only do we try to give chapters new ideas for things they can try during this workshop, but we also try to generate new ideas during the session!  All of it is meant to help come up with new ways for you to fundraise, and keep generating money to help your chapter grow and expand.

Membership and Recruiting:

Chapters come in all shapes and sizes, but in the end there are still great recruiting tips that everyone can use!  All of the State Officers are more than happy to talk to you about some of these ideas, and this workshop includes both general tips and tricks your chapter can try to use for bringing in new people, and tips that may suit your chapter’s situation and size better than others.

How to Run an Effective Meeting:

This workshop is designed to teach members the process by which a chapter can effectively organize and run itself during meetings.  Tailored to fit chapters of any size, this workshop sets our members up with the knowledge of how meetings, whether with DECA or another organization, should be run, and will benefit them during their time with us and into the future.

All of our officers are more than happy to visit your chapter to present any one of these workshops, and it is always a pleasure for us to get an opportunity to visit with the great chapters of Nevada DECA.  If you have any questions or wish to have more information on any of these workshops, please feel free to contact your State Officer, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.