Maya Gupta

Maya Gupta is honored to serve as your 2016-2017 State President. As a current junior at The Davidson Academy of Nevada, she has been a DECA member for three strong years.

Along with spending her year committed to DECA outreach, Maya is looking forward to continuing her advanced courses and serving on the chapter board of her youth group. As an executive member, she has helped nearly double attendance so far, and is working to increase community outreach within the group.

Though her true interests lie in business and leadership, Maya always makes time for her other passions. She spends hours during the week attending a variety of dance classes, such as ballet, jazz and lyrical. In her occasional down time, she enjoys baking, reading and curling up in front of a good movie.

Maya hopes that her time as a State Officer of Nevada DECA will not only continue to improve her leadership skills, but will also leave this amazing organization larger and stronger than it has been in years. She’s ready to show the world the incredible experiences that DECA creates. These very same experiences have helped shape her as both a student and person over the past few years, and she hopes to share her success with each and every member.