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All DECA members must be registered and paid in order to participate in DECA conferences.

DECA Dues Breakdown

International Dues$8.00 per member
State Dues$9.00 per member
Total$17.00 per member
(chapters may also charge additional dues at the local level)

Local Chapter Information

We are privileged to have an outstanding group of students who are serving as State Officers. In addition to the many programs and efforts they are pursuing this year, they have made a commitment to help and support the local chapters as much as possible. In order to better serve our chapters in Nevada the officers have divided up the chapters and are responsible for working closely with those chapters to which they are specifically assigned. Please take advantage of this important resource, as these officers are outstanding students and have an impressive enthusiasm for DECA. Locate your chapter below to see which officer is assigned to assist you. You can schedule a virtual or in person chapter visit by clicking here!

Adelson Education Campus233459
Advanced Technologies Academy195784
Amplus Academy044146
Basic Academy141525
Canyon Springs82016
Cimarron Memorial141354
Coral Academy0915
Davidson Academy292027
Desert Oasis7833118
Desert Pines11200
East CTA98142163
Faith Lutheran557489
Green Valley81013
Master Academy01916
Northwest CTA21101108
Palo Verde273778
Pershing CoNANA19
Pinecrest Academy Sloan CanyonNANA61
SLAM Nevada1034
Shadow Ridge6945
Sierra Vista1010484
Southeast CTA44294263
Southwest CTA39330
Spring Valley231930
West CTA432549

Career & Community Preparation

Community Engagement

DECA prepares the next generation to be community oriented by recognizing the benefit of service and responsibility to the community. DECA teaches its members to reach out to organizations they are passionate about and become involved in the community around them. DECA provides many community engagement opportunities for members through state and nation-wide community service efforts and competition.

Leadership Development

DECA prepares its members to be experienced leaders and empowers members through experience to provide effective leadership.

DECA develops experienced leaders by practicing key leadership skills such as goal setting, consensus building and project management. Members have numerous opportunities for leadership development from workshops and leadership academies at exciting conferences to serving as an elected officer at the local, state, or national level. Members are able to practice and apply their leadership training as community members, students, and peers.

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