As this summer comes to a close, your State Officers are seeking out every opportunity they can to bring you new materials and exciting connections for the upcoming year. Your Northern Nevada Vice President, Maya Gupta, recently attended a NACTE meeting held in Lake Tahoe. What is NACTE, you ask? The Nevada Association for Career and Technical Education, or, in other words, our proud and loving family, supporting not only Nevada DECA, but every other CTSO in this great state.

Each year, NACTE hosts a conference for CTSO advisors and supporters, similar in ways to our very own SCDC. Maya had the opportunity to speak at the opening of this event, along with other officers from associations such as FBLA, our fellow business leaders in training. After giving an update on Nevada DECA’s progress in the past year, Maya spent time connecting with her fellow CTSO officers and assisting the keynote speaker of the morning. Through this experience, your Northern VP has made connections we all can use in the future, and brought back valuable tips to help the 2015-2016 DECA year be incredible!