National DECA Campaign

Interested in learning more about the new DECA Chapter Campaigns? Your Southern Nevada Vice President gives you the inside scoop on how to be successful in achieving the goals of the campaigns.

Are you and your chapter participating in this year's DECA Chapter Membership Campaign? Whatever the answer is, read on to find the details and incentives DECA Inc. is offering for boosting your chapter’s membership numbers!

You can guide the membership efforts of your Nevada DECA chapter by focusing on meeting the requirements below by November 30, 2012.

- Recruit 20 additional students than your previous year.

- Recruit 20 additional alumni members.

- Recruit 20 additional professional members.

To receive a pennant and certificate from DECA Inc.  you must meet one of the above requirements.

To receive a pennant, plaque, DECA flag, and three allocated spots to attend the all-new THRIVE ACADEMY at this year's ICDC, you must meet two of the above requirements. For more information, visit www.DECA.org/pages/campaigns.

DECA Inc. has outlined three campaigns where you can THRIVE with your chapter! The campaigns are the Promotional, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Community Service campaigns. Below you will find all details and commentary for each of the campaigns which we hope you and your chapter become involved in during the months of October and November. Keep in mind, each of the requirements MUST be met before the deadline on November 30, 2012.

Promotional Campaign

To participate in this year's national promotional campaign, you must conduct the following activities:

- 3 School Outreach Activities

- 3 Success Stories of Alumni

- 3 Community Outreach Activities


Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign

The first step in becoming involved in DECA's Global Entrepreneurship Week Challenge is registering your chapter at http://www.unleashingideas.org/user/register before November 12, 2012. Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place from November 12-18. To involve your chapter in this year's campaign, your chapter must have the following:

- 3 School Outreach Activities

- 3 Success Stories of Alumni Entrepreneurs

- 3 Community Outreach Activities

Community Service Campaign

As chapters of Nevada DECA, we're sure that everyone is involved in community service in some way, shape, or form. It's part of what we all love to do! DECA Inc.,  has outlined a campaign which everyone can become involved in. Each of the activities below must meet the criteria and be completed before November 30, 2012:

- 1 or more Community Service Activities

- You must receive 75% or more participation of your chapter members.

- You must have 1 form of publicity/promotion.

If your Nevada DECA chapter meets the requirements in one of the above campaigns, you will earn a pennant and certificate.

If your chapter meets the requirements in TWO of the above campaigns, you will earn a pennant, plaque, DECA flag, and 3 allocated spots to attend the all-new THRIVE ACADEMY at ICDC!

For more information, visit www.deca.org/page/campaigns.

Advocacy Campaign:

During this school year's Career and Technical Education month (February 2013) you can inspire your DECA chapter and guide your advocacy efforts by becoming involved in this year's National Advocacy Campaign! The deadline of meeting the requirements of this campaign is March 1, 2013.

The following activities must be completed in the month of February:

- 3 School Outreach Activities

- 3 Success Stories of Alumni

- 3 Community Outreach Activities

If you meet the requirements in the advocacy campaign by the deadline, your chapter will earn a pennant, a special plaque from DECA's Congressional Advisory Board, and a letter of recognition to your school administrator and government officials.

The State Officer Team encourages you to participate in these campaigns. Please feel free to contact a State Officer or your advisor for more information.