Nevada Chapters MAKE IT COUNT with 2014 Sustainability Grants!

This year, Nevada DECA was able to provide several chapters across the state of Nevada with chapter sustainability grants. Check out what our awesome chapters did with their funds this year!  The chapter sustainability grants were designed to provide chapters with financial resources to build a stable fundraising source for their chapter. Here are the projects undertaken by some of the chapters:

  • East CTA DECA was able to use their money to purchase a cotton candy and popcorn machine to use this fall in their annual East Tech Community Carnival. For the past four years, East CTA has invited the community to a carnival at their school to participate in exciting games and activities like listening to LIVE DJ's and running through the infamous haunted house. This year, the East Tech Community Carnival will be able to serve cotton candy and popcorn, courtesy of the sustainability grant! The funds raised by the carnival went to help many students who were unable to pay for SCDC and their DECA dues.


  • Dayton High School used the funds to purchase school-related inventory for the retail division of their Dust Devil Diner. Dayton High School was able to purchase sweatshirts and ear bands to sell, which bolstered chapter spirit AND assisted in growing the diner's business. It was a win-win situation!
  • West CTA used their grant money to buy something a little different: a cricket machine. A cricket machine is an interesting invention - not only does it cut paper with excellent precision, it also makes amazing posters! West Tech used their cricket machine to promote DECA and made several beautiful posters.


2014-06-02 12.06.59

  • Who wouldn't want a hot meal and adorable shirts to show off their DECA pride? Clark High School utilized their grant money to purchase "Cup of Noodles" to sell during lunch. In addition to the “Cup of Noodles,” Clark High also borrowed a line from Justin Timberlake's hit song, "Suit and Tie," and sold "As long as I got my SUIT & TIE" shirts to many eager Justin Timberlake/DECA fans.


  • Laughlin DECA used their grant money to purchase TWENTY gently used board games, a second-hand Wii Guitar Hero Guitar, and borrowed several different gaming systems for a grand total of $77 dollars. Laughlin DECA has used these items for gaming events that they will continue to host throughout the year. In addition to these gaming fundraisers, Laughlin DECA also stocked various vending machines. Good luck, Laughlin!
  • Basic DECA used their funds to purchase soccer pants with the Basic High School logo embroidered on the left leg, sets of jackets/pants with "BASIC WOLVES" printed on the side, and phone cases with the BHS logo on them. These items were sold at Basic's own apparel store, the WolfWear Store. Sales were great, and Basic High School will be starting the next year off with an INCREDIBLE profit!

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Congratulations to all schools that received a fundraising grant, and we wish you luck in all your fundraising endeavors!