Nevada DECA Alumni Spotlight: Joshua McGuire

This summer, we said goodbye to our Nevada DECA class of 2014. While we were sad to see our seniors go, we know that these members are headed off to do some incredible things. This week, we want to recognize one of our new DECA alumni, Joshua McGuire.

Joshua graduated from Desert Oasis High School, where he served as Chapter Secretary, Vice President, and President. As a dedicated member, he made his mark in many different events, such as Marketing Communications, Business Services Marketing, and the Advertising Campaign. As the 2014 Nevada DECA Student of the Year, Joshua had some big plans in the world of business, and already, he is on the road to success.

Working with his friend and DECA alumni, Matthew Rodriguez, Joshua started the company, Passion First Apparel, "a specialty apparel retailer of women's and men's merchandise, targeted to all walks of life." When asked how DECA influenced Passion First Apparel, Joshua told us that, "DECA evoked a passion for business. I hadn't ever thought business would become... anything in my life, but it certainly did. Matthew originally came to me with the idea and with a strong friendship between us already developed through DECA, we were able to overcome the technicalities of starting a business."

Already, Joshua and Matthew have impressed many as young entrepreneurs. With their focus on innovation and creativity, we know that their company will go far. Learning from his experience in the world of DECA and business, Joshua had a few words of advice for our current members concerning dreams and motivation. 

"Never let your dreams be smashed; they lay a path for your life. If you imagine yourself doing something, realize that the path isn't always straight, and you'll fail before you succeed."

Best of luck to Joshua in the future, and don't forget to support this DECA Alumni by checking out Passion First Apparel! http://passionfirstapparel.com/home/4582739821

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