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Nevada DECA Interview Series – Michael Georges, D.D.S.

1. How many years of schooling did it take in order to become a General Dentist?

In order for me to become a General Dentist, it took me 4 years of undergraduate studies and then another 4 years in Dental graduate school. So in total, it took me 8 years of schooling after high school.

2. Can you describe a typical workday in the dental office?

You show up about an hour early before your first patient to make sure that everything is setup properly and that you are ready to go when your patient shows up. You also make sure that your staff shows up. Everybody is present that needs to be there to help you work for the day. It’s constant chaos. Practicing all day long really makes you busy. Then you get lunch if you get the chance, but sometimes, you don’t get a chance so you need to take a short lunch. Then you are back at it again in the afternoon until the end of the day, but sometimes you have to stay late because sometimes, there are emergency patients in pain so hopefully you’ll get out before bedtime.

3. How has being knowledgeable in business, marketing, accounting, and/or finance help in building your own practice?

After my undergraduate studies, I took an Accounting class. Accounting helped me because I was able to setup my own set of books when I first started my own business and do my own accounting.

4. Can you share with us your most interesting memory as a General Dentist ?

The most interesting memory has to be all of the experiences of the people that had big smiles on their face after their treatment, improving their looks, and how they felt about their smiles and themselves.

5. What preparation, in addition to education, would you recommend for someone who would like to advance in this field?

I would suggest that they spend a lot of time in the dental office, following the dentist, hygienist, and the assistant around to really make sure that this is something that they really enjoy doing and to understand what it’s all about.

6. How is being a General Dentist better than specializing in a particular field within dentistry? What is your favorite procedure to do?

You get to do a little bit of everything instead of focusing just mainly on the same procedure over and over again. It breaks up the monotony of working. My personal favorite procedure to do in the dental office is making crowns for my patients.

7. Would you recommend taking business courses or minoring in business for students that want to go into dentistry?

I think it would be a great idea, either majoring or minoring in business. It’s pretty important. Running your dental practice is more of a business than technical after you learn the training.