Northern Nevada Training Recap

Though Vegas temperatures might have you dreaming of summer still, things are cooling down up north: which means it’s time to hit the books. With everyone’s sights turning towards a spot on stage this coming February, it’s the perfect time to start setting DECA goals. To help some of our smaller chapters up north do so, Mr. Curtis Haley recently hosted an informative competition training session. In a large room on a quiet Saturday, dozens of students from the area gathered, from 7th graders to seniors. Some hardly knew what DECA was, while some could recite performance indicators in their sleep. But all listened closely as Mr. Haley began a brand new presentation on how to achieve their DECA dreams.

Every student took notes with rapt attention as they were walked through the key elements of roleplays, how to present themselves, and even tips on how to go above and beyond to secure that trophy. And when the time came to try their hand at an introduction, everyone was both ready and excited to see if they had what it took. As they introduced themselves to students from other chapters, focused on good eye contact and a firm handshake, it was clear that there were future winners in the room.

But the atmosphere changed when a true roleplay, with real performance indicators, was suddenly their task. Nerves were abuzz at having to launch straight in after a summer without practice. Slowly, though, in awkwardly smiling pairs, people began: “Thank you so much for having me. May I take a seat?” And suddenly the room was filled with the noise of ideas, definitions and questions.

With jokes and encouragement from Mr. Haley, everyone was able to successfully complete their roleplay, and were even ready to share with the room an example of what they did. By the end of a few short hours, the students filed out with confident smiles, notes in hand, and ready to take on whatever challenges this year’s SCDC might throw.