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Presidents Council

This year we will be forming an Presidents Council for Nevada DECA. Each active DECA chapter can appoint one participant. The Presidents Council will help build stronger chapters, bring support during this challenging period, and ensure effective communication between the state association and local chapters. With regular and consistent communication, the state association will keep chapters informed of key state programs, events, and opportunities, and encourage greater participation and involvement. Most importantly, the Presidents Council brings local chapters together. Whether a new, emerging, or veteran chapter, the Presidents Council allows for direct, student-to-student communication and support.

The Presidents Council will meet once a month led by our awesome state officers. Each chapter advisor will receive a link to use to register their chapters appointee. If a chapter has co-presidents both can participate on the council. A chapter may also choose to appoint someone other than their president to serve on the council. 

The Presidents Council will help take Nevada DECA to the NEXT LEVEL.