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Nevada DECA Programs & Program of Leadership Overview

Missed out on the 2017 Advisor CTSO Conference in September? Don’t stress it, here is a quick recap on the information covered by Nevada DECA!

On September 10, 2017, advisors and members of Nevada CTSOs joined together at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino to grow connections and prepare to lead their chapters successfully. Nevada DECA State Officers gave a quick preview of what to expect during this year of limitless opportunities:

The 2017-2018 theme for Nevada DECA is INFINITE! To create a future of Infinite possibilities, members must be willing to step outside their comfort zones. With a willingness to work through obstacles and accomplish their goals, nothing can stop Nevada DECA members from pursuing their dreams and visions! We encourage you to use the hashtag #Infinite when posting on social media this year!

The 2017-2018 Membership Campaign has arrived! Push your chapter to complete these campaigns by participating in Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) calls and growing membership! Help Nevada DECA reach its goal of 2,000 members by reaching out to prospective students, alumni, and professionals! If we accomplish this membership goal, our association will receive an additional spot for Written Events to compete at the 2018 International Career Development Conference.

Chapter visits are highly encouraged! If you want a State Officer to visit your chapter and present on topics like membership, fundraising, or competition, please email our State Director, Curtis Haley, at [email protected].

Nevada DECA State Officers have developed the following comprehensive Program of Leadership to organize their plans for this Infinite year:

VP Career Development: For competition, your Vice President of Career Development, Adam Esrig is focusing on three main aspects: Preparation, Participation, and Performance. With these in mind, we will be increasing our incentives competition programs with a focus on the test portion of competition, providing tips, tricks and announcements through social media. You’ll be able to take a look at what past winners of SCDC and ICDC have done to succeed in their events.

VP Finance: As the VP of Finance, Amanda Jiang is focusing on gaining sponsorships and partnerships from local businesses from all over our community. She plans to help each chapter increase their fundraising for events like WRLC, SCDC, and ICDC which will be held at Atlanta, Georgia this year! She is also very proud to announce that Nevada DECA’s charity for this year will be Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

VP Leadership: your Vice President of Leadership, Morgan heath-Powers has some great plans in store designed to help you take your DECA skills towards success in real-world leadership roles. From a mentorship program you can take part in with your State Officers, to a three month leadership training led by Morgan, you’ll have all the tools you need to go from an emerging leader to an excelling one.

VP Hospitality: Your Vice President of Hospitality, DE'asia Thompson, is focused on making DECA an engaging, welcoming environment for members like you. From chapter visits to community service, her position highlights the social aspect of our organization. This year, she is developing a plan for all members to apply lessons learned in DECA to real life. Members will have the opportunity to collaborate and receive valuable advice from the UNLV Collegiate DECA chapter and Nevada DECA alumni.

VP Marketing: Your Vice President of Marketing, Gilma Rivera, plans on keeping members informed on Nevada DECA updates through social media, vlogs, and articles.

Thank you to all who attended the CTSO Advisors conference, Nevada DECA’s State Officer team cannot wait to continue working with you all this year!