Project Generation Is Here! - 2015 Membership Campaign

This year's DECA members will be challenged by a brand new innovative campaign known as "Project Generation". This campaign consists on achieving 3 main goals which are to Generate Stability, Generate Growth and generate EPIC. 

Goal 1: Chapters who at least maintain membership compared to last year's final membership total will receive priority seating at State Conference. The larger your increase, the closer your seats during general session!

Goal 2: Chapters who increase their membership by 5%, 10% and 15% over last year's membership numbers will receive rewards for achieving those levels of growth, including:

For 5% growth, name badge ribbons/chapter recognition for all attendees from your chapter

For 10% growth, special DECA pins for your chapter officers

For 15% growth, spirit items for all of your chapters members at SCDC

Goal 3: The chapter with the highest absolute growth over last year's total will have pizza for their chapter personally delivered to their attendees at SCDC!

We're excited about these incentives and hope you'll use them to inspire your chapter members to GENERATE growth this year!