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SCDC 2016 Recap

The lights, the people, the events, and those beautiful trophies. We dream about it for days, even weeks before. And finally, just a short few weeks ago, our dreams came true.

Nevada DECA’s State Career Development Conference was a wild, exciting few days, full of new faces, laughter, and incredible life lessons.

We kicked things off with a bang at our opening session, where the room filled with chatter and the type of excitement that can only come from DECA. With passionate voices, each and every one of you made sure that all of Las Vegas could hear us as we got our first look at the rest of the conference.


But our excitement didn’t end there. First thing Monday morning, the halls were filled with eager DECA members reviewing their event times on the new online system. The click of heels and nervous clearing of throats echoed across the floor amidst the intense campaigning of our record 21 candidates. As the day went on, members had the opportunity to meet with people from across the state and collect ribbons from various informative workshops. This year, we had topics ranging from dressing for success to building your own finances. The attendance at all of these workshops was phenomenal, and by the end of the afternoon there were DECA members parading around with ribbon collections that had to break records.

That evening, each member with the incredible responsibility of serving as a voting delegate made their way to the Annual Business Meeting. Here, we all heard the sick rap of our Membership Campaign, a fascinating dance to describe how we gave back this year, and an amazing song on reaching out to businesses. The delegates amazingly managed to refocus after this knockout performance to cast their votes on who should lead Nevada DECA into another incredible year.

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As the sun went down, so did the stress of events. With competition out of the way and all votes cast, it was time to let loose: Nevada DECA style, of course! Our Leadership Village was so much fun this year, with everything from Kahoot games to a photobooth and unlimited ice cream. The fun roared on for hours, until each exhausted member stumbled back up to their beds to await the morning.

Finally, the moment had arrived! The moment we all think of when we think SCDC: the Grand Awards Ceremony. This year, we saw so many brand new members take the stage to collect shining medals and huge trophies - their tickets to ICDC. The shocked grins were more than enough to light up the entire hotel, and as every one of us exited that room, there was one thing on our minds: Nashville!

We can’t wait to see you there, Nevada DECA!