Southwest CTA Students Take Home National Gold in FIDM Challenge!

Nationwide, the FIDM Challenge encourages DECA members to come together to create a plan for furthering the awareness and understanding of sustainability in textile- related products by creating a runway-worthy garment through the use of previously used fabrics and materials. This year, we are thrilled to announce that Nevada DECA had two teams from Southwest Career and Technical Academy that become national winners in DECA's FIDM Challenge!

Arriving in first place were Mikayla Marrujo, Cassidy Simpson, and Valerie Martinez, followed in third place by the team of Sheila Diezmo and Gaby Jauregui. Nevada DECA had the opportunity to interview both groups as they shared their thoughts on becoming national winners and representing Nevada DECA.

How did you feel about placing in this national competition?

The team of Marrujo, Simpson and Maritnez said that they felt pretty confident about their ideas before submitting their projects into competition. The team of Diezmo and Jauregui said that they didn’t anticipate a win, and were very surprised and thrilled about their accomplishments.

What were the requirements for this event/project?

Teams were required to create a promotional business plan including a logo and a unique location, all aiming to achieve sustainability in the world through their garments. Competitors were required to create a garment using materials that totaled $20 or less and create a marketing video to support sustainability.

Were there any major difficulties when doing this project? How did you overcome them?

From cutting couches to breaking apart CDs, both teams got down and dirty to fight for the win. Like various projects involving DECA members throughout the year, many unexpected difficulties arose, but through perseverance and hard work, both teams rose above any challenge in their paths.

What inspired you in your projects?

Southwest CTA fashion design instructor Ms. Cassandra Pawling inspired teams to try implementing new, innovative materials. Gaby Jauregui and Sheila Diezmo stated that she even advised them to use a couch.  Though it seemed outlandish, they went with her idea.

How has DECA helped you to “Aspire Higher” while partaking in both the FIDM challenge and at the annual state competition?

DECA has helped many Southwest CTA students “Aspire Higher” by making them believe that now even the hardest task is possible. Both teams worked diligently to achieve their highest goals and they will continue to participate in DECA working towards new objectives.

Are you excited for the International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City?

Both teams are tremendously excited for this year’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Salt Lake City, Utah to experience their first time at an international DECA competition. They are excited for their garments to be displayed and for their hard work to be viewed by thousands of international DECA members.

Does this encourage you to keep working in fashion design and /or any related career paths in the future?

Each team has now found a deeper passion to involve fashion design in their future careers, as well as business and marketing.  Best of all, their participation in DECA helped make it happen!

Congratulations to all of the FIDM Challenge winners from Nevada!