About Us

State Charter

The Nevada DECA charter was granted to the Nevada Department of Education in 1961 by the international governing association, DECA Inc.

Operated by a Nonprofit Foundation

Nevada DECA is operated by Nevada DECA, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The corporation is headed by its Board of Trustees comprised of industry, education, and student leadership representatives committed to preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in classrooms across Nevada. The Nevada DECA Board of Trustees works in partnership with the Nevada Department of Education to establish policy, strategic plans, and collaborates with stakeholders to provide student members with real life learning programs and opportunities to enhance their knowledge and leadership abilities.

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Advised by Teachers and Students

The Nevada DECA Board of Advisors and DECA State Officer Team serve as permanent advisory bodies for the organization. DECA advisors are elected by their peers to serve on the Board of Trustees for two-year terms. State Officers are elected in a process combining interview scores, knowledge test performance and popular vote from each chapter’s voting delegates. The Nevada DECA management team then nominates two State Officers to serve as Board of Trustees representatives. Together they represent the educator and student perspective in crafting policies and guiding the work of Nevada DECA.

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Serviced by Association Management Team

Nevada DECA, Inc. has delegated day-to-day services of Nevada DECA to a team of association management professionals skilled in the mission areas, events, and operations of education and student-based nonprofit organizations.

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Led by Local Advisors and Students

The heart of DECA in any state is the combined leadership and service of local teachers and students who are advisors, chapter officers, and members of the organization. Together with the support of school administration, districts, and school boards, DECA is a vital component of a school’s strategy for preparing graduates to be successful in the world of college and careers.