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Taking 20-21 to the Next Level

Nevada DECA, Team 60 is so excited to continue serving you over the next seven months! We are looking forward to connecting with our members and advisors, whether it be in-person or virtually. Over the past four months we have been working on projects to bring this year to the Next Level. Keep reading to learn more about each member of Team 60. 

Isha Shah

Hey y’all! The past four months have been extremely rewarding and I can’t wait to see what the year brings! I am a rising senior at Ed W. Clark HS where I served as a chapter officer for two years. I’ve also represented Nevada at the International Career Development Conference in 2018 and 2019 where I ranked as a Top Ten Finalist. Outside of DECA, I am a competitive figure skater, a varsity debater, and a (very amateur) baker. Despite uncertainty over what the future holds, I am looking forward to an amazing year and can’t wait to see all that Nevada DECA achieves! I’d love to connect with you so please reach out on my Instagram @deca_isha or through my email, [email protected]

Leyla Lopez
Vice President of Leadership

Hey everyone! Majoring in the Marketing & Hospitality program, I am a senior at East Career and Technical Academy. I have served as a chapter officer for two years, most recently as the Executive Vice President. Told numerous times by former advisor, Mr. Gabriel Silva that DECA was a feeling in your heart, I never truly understood what he meant until I attended my first SCDC my freshman year. Meeting other passionate and enthusiastic members is what later inspired me to run for state office. Outside of DECA, I’m also on the East Tech Student Council Executive Board as the Vice President of Spirit, a member of various other school clubs, and an avid social justice activist. Though the future may seem daunting, there is strength through adversity which will carry us through Nevada DECA! I’m always looking to connect with members so feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @deca.leyla or through my email, [email protected].

Vihaan Jain
Vice President of Career Development

What’s up DECA members! I am a senior at West Career and Technical Academy and this will be my 4th year in DECA. I have previously served as my chapter’s competition preparation officer and I can’t wait to take things to a greater scale and support all of Nevada DECA in competition this year. I am a three-time champion for my competitive events at SCDC and I was a top 10 finalist for Human Resources Management at ICDC 2019. Through competing in different events and networking with new members, DECA has helped me make so many friends and has taught me skills to help me succeed in my future endeavors. Outside of DECA, I’m an international champion for HOSA, competitor for Science Olympiad and Speech and Debate, and a volunteer for my hospital. I also love watching movies, swimming, and driving unique cars. If you have any questions relating to competitive events, feel free to contact me through email [email protected] or through Instagram @deca_vihaan. While the future may seem unpredictable, I’m looking forward to an awesome year in DECA and to help you succeed!

Christen Smith
Vice President of Marketing

What’s poppin'! Serving Nevada DECA has been a thrilling experience thus far and I’m excited for what’s in store for this organization. I am a senior at West Career and Technical Academy, where I have served as the WCTA DECA chapter’s Historian and Vice President of Marketing. I decided to run for state office as I wanted to bring more joy to an organization that has provided me so many opportunities. From networking to winning first place in the Franchise Business Plan category, DECA has prepared me for my future in hotel restaurant administration. During quarantine, I have strengthened my cooking skills. Some of my favorite recipes include Sriracha & Honey Tofu and Baked Orange Roughy with Garlic & Butter.  Whether it’s about DECA or cooking, I would love to talk to you! My email is [email protected] and my Instagram account is @deca_christenjoy. If you would like to see what’s poppin' in my kitchen, follow my cooking account as well @chrispi_creme.  I can’t wait to connect with you and I’m looking forward to all the positive aspects of this upcoming school year! 

Arianna Ophir
Vice President of Hospitality

Hello Nevada DECA! Even though this year is definitely one of the toughest that we all have collectively faced, I am honored to have had the opportunity to lead our association with the most intelligent, diligent, passionate, and kind-hearted team imaginable. Together, we are working hard to ensure that this year in DECA will be the best yet, despite our unique circumstances. To share more about myself, I am now a senior at West Career and Technical Academy where I am beginning my fourth year as a DECA member. Throughout the years, it was my amazing chapter community that supported me as I continued to challenge myself; their encouragement fueled my successes as a glass-winner at multiple SCDCs. Outside of DECA, I compete in Speech and Debate, Science Olympiad, and HOSA events. I am the president of the Las Vegas United Synagogue Youth chapter, and I serve on two CCSD advisory committees. My favorite extracurricular activity by far is painting murals in my community. If you would like to connect with me, please do not hesitate to send me an email at [email protected] or a direct message to @deca_arianna on Instagram!

Noami Kiel
Vice President of Finance

Hey everyone! Serving as a state officer has been one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever had the privilege of experiencing and I am so excited to see how Nevada DECA will rise to the next level over the course of this year. I am a rising junior at Ed W. Clark High School where I study business in the Academy of Finance magnet program. I served as chapter treasurer during the 2019-2020 school year. I was born in Germany and moved to Las Vegas with my family in 2009. I do hope to potentially go back to Germany for university. My family and I actually just acquired dual German-American citizenship earlier this year! Aside from DECA, I compete in Speech and Debate and hold a spot on the Student Advisory Board of my magnet program. I am very passionate about health and fitness, so I spend a lot of my time cooking, running, doing spin classes, and practicing yoga. The future is definitely uncertain right now, but I would love to stay connected with all of you! Please feel free to contact me through my Instagram @deca_naomi or my email [email protected].

Nevada DECA, let’s take this year to the NEXT LEVEL! To learn more, check out our bios.