The All-New DECA Emerging Leader Summit

By Daniela Sanchez, Nevada DECA President

With just a few days left to register, Nevada DECA wants to encourage you to join DECA members from across the country at Emerging Leader Summit. At the Emerging Leader Summit, members will have the opportunity to meet DECA’s finest leaders. The conference is devoted to helping State and Chapter Officers from across the county emerge in their roles as leaders in the organization and in their community.

This can be a chance for you to not only share your talents, but learn from others as well! Everyone can enhance their leadership skills by receiving positive feedback and discovering innovative ideas from fellow members.   Emerging Leader Summit will allow officers to gather and collaborate to help build more membership, engage business leaders, and advocate for DECA. By attending this summit, you can also develop project planning skills which can be put forth to help your chapter polish their annual business plan and other chapter planning and activities. You will also get a sneak preview of the new and upcoming DECA programs and goals our DECA National Officer Team has set for 2012-2013. Join the fun and come learn how to engage members in DECA’s programs to give your chapters and members an extra boost!

The Emerging Leader Summit will be located in Los Angeles, California. It starts July 31st and goes through August 2nd.  Learn more about the Emerging Leader Summit by vising http://www.deca.org/_docs/events-attachments/DECA_Emerging_Leader_Summit.pdf. Learn more about how to register by visiting http://www.decaregistration.com/els/Main.asp. The registration deadline is June 20th, so be sure to check with you advisor soon. We hope to see you in LA!