The Event to Rule Them All

Choosing the right event can be a tricky and impatient task, but fear not because we’re here to help you! Attached is a flowchart you can use in conjunction with this blog post, hand out in DECA meetings, or just print out because you love killing trees (don’t do that). To find the attached flowchart, please click on this link competition_blog. You will be directed to a new page, where you will click on the link again. And presto! You should have the flowchart!

When I first started DECA, I had no idea at all what kind of event I was going to do. Even when I chose one, I didn’t have a clue what it entailed. Although it would have been nice to have someone who helped me navigate the vast sea of events in the DECA world, I got lucky and happened upon an event that turned out to be perfect for me (even if I didn’t know it at the time…). But, not everyone is that lucky, so, I’m here to be your DECA event goddess, your guru, your genie in a lamp; whatever floats your boat.

1. Picking Your Category

This is probably the hardest step in the entire process of choosing an event. It’s time to look inside yourself and find what you’re interested. But the good thing is, if you’re not particularly interested in any single one category, there are a variety of different options like the Virtual Business Challenge, the Stock Market Game, and an assortment of chapter events.

2. Your DECA Relationship Status

Individual? Team? Don’t know? We got your back. We started making a list of the best parts of being in an individual event and being in a team event. Finish it up and see which one has the most or best answers. Your event should not be what’s best on your resume or what your friends are doing; it should be something you actually enjoy (shocker!). So, be honest with yourself.

3. An Event For Everyone

In this step on the flowchart, we show the categories of events based on what kind of relationship status you chose in the step above. The choice section is all the events that allow 1-3 members to participate. Each category has a quick recap of the purpose and procedure of the event.

4. And Now You Know

Ok, so you’ve gone through our awesome flowchart. Now, you actually need to decide on an event. Go to http://www.deca.org/competitions/2 and use the information you learned from the flowchart to find the perfect event. For example, suppose you’re into Finance and want to do an Individual Series event, your perfect event could either be Accounting Applications or Business Finance.

I hope this article really helped you find what you were looking for in a DECA event. Email, tweet, or Facebook us some event success stories so we can share them!

If you’re still having trouble finding an event, feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will make all your DECA wishes come true.