The Nevada DECA Member's Summer Bucket List!

We've made it. We can check that first month of summer off our calendars, and start to enjoy the heat of July. Nevada summers easily hit temperatures over 100-degrees, and though we love Netflix and air conditioning as much as the next person, the State Officers have some other fun suggestions for your summer.

1. Want to face the heat? VP of Southern Nevada Melissa Paz recommends a hike up Mt. Charleston. The view at the top is definitely worth the trip. Grab a group of friends, bring your favorite snacks, and you're guaranteed an awesome time.


2. Feeling artsy? Secretary Alison Ryu suggests trying melted crayon art! Feel like a kid again with this fun project, and as a plus, you'll have something cool to hang in your room. Check out this link for instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Melted-Crayon-Art/


3. Relax! State President Valerie Caña loves to relax with a really good book. Go to the library, close your eyes, spin in a circle, and point! Try reading the book that your finger lands on - who knows? It might become your new favorite.

4. Learn something new! Summer is the perfect time to try new things. Teach yourself how to paint, try your hand at juggling, or learn how to play a new instrument. Alison is teaching herself guitar, and recommends that as fun starting point!

5. Need to cool off? VP of Publicity Deanna Tiao recommends Wet'n'Wild, Vegas's newest water park. Get your tickets here: http://www.wetnwildlasvegas.com

6. Stay involved! Use those DECA professionalism skills and apply for an internship or a job. Alternatively, VP of Membership Johana Mendoza suggests volunteering at an organization of your choice.

7. Get crafty! Melissa suggests making a super awesome slip-n-slide. Pinterest saves the day with some ideas to get you started: http://www.pinterest.com/urnojfk/diy-slip-and-slide-ideas/

Slip and slide races

8. Get cooking! Try your hand in the kitchen. Johana recommends cooking a surprise dinner for the family. If you want to make it a complete meal, you can even whip up a dessert!

9. Feeling techie? Alison suggests documenting your summer in an iMovie! Take pictures of your favorite moments, and add them to your video project as you go along. Host a party at the end of summer, and invite all the friends and family that are featured in your video.

10. And don't forget… Enjoy your #SummerofDECA! Keep the DECA spirit alive in the summer by explaining DECA to a new person you meet. You can also wear your DECA shirt out in public; we love to see NV members representing!

Print out this handy bucket list, and put a check mark by every activity you complete. We'd love to see your summer in action, so don't forget to tag us in your pictures!