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The Recipe For Success

Welcome back Nevada DECA!

With Summer of DECA coming to an end, your State Officer team is pleased to present to you the Recipe for Success Curriculum Guide, designed to help you jumpstart your chapter meetings and give your members the tools they need to excel in competition. 

Within this guide you will find ways to help your chapter members become motivated, fearless, confident, courageous, and creative competitors with the drive to persevere. Using the activities outlined under each ingredient for success, members can practice different skills that they can apply to competitive events, public speaking, creative writing, and many more everyday skills. Some activities will hone in on content covered by competitive events, while others will focus on the delivery of effective roleplays or written event presentations. By using the activities for icebreakers or during meetings, it can provide fun ways to maximize the results of your chapter's preparation.

To access the guide, head to https://leadable.info/nvdecarecipeforsuccess