Top 10 ELS Photos



The Emerging Leader Summit in Washington D.C. was an incredible conference, filled with fascinating events, sights, and connections. Let's take a look our favorite photos from ELS!


All of the association and chapter officers are paying close attention to the workshops presented at ELS.

010Our awesome Southern Region Vice President, Tyler McBee, was passionately explaining this year's epic membership campaign goals to the ELS attendees during one of the round table sessions.

001Did you know that you should pass both the salt and pepper, even when someone only asked for one of them? Learning proper dining etiquette is  an indispensable component to becoming a future emerging leader!

007California + Nevada = CALIVADA

008The State Officers not only learned about how to be successful leaders at ELS, but they also ventured into the Capitol Hill and advocate to our legislators about DECA and CTE!

005What a great group picture to wrap up the the D.C. Night Tour with all of the other Western Region association and chapter officers, as well as our amazing Western Region Vice President, Mitch!

003 All you need to bring to D.C. sightseeing are a selfie stick and your phone!

004A room full of fervently ambitious emerging leaders who's ready to make a difference in tomorrow's world!

002Nevada represent! The World War II Memorial is an incredible, humbling tribute that you have to experience

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.28.45 AMAs the 2015 ELS came to a close, they were all sad to see it end. But your State Officers cannot wait to go back home,  implement and share the knowledge that they have learned during this conference to make this year EPIC!