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Top 10 Photos From SCDC 2016

Nevada DECA generated EPIC at the 2016 State Career and Development Conference at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino! Here are the top 10 photos from the event:

1. Day One: Cluster Exams


It isn't a DECA conference without testing your knowledge. Members studied their hardest and now was their time to prove their smarts!

2. Day One: Opening Session


"A Nevada DECA first!" Our State Director Curtis Haley announced that he was giving away DECA t-shirts for the first time at SCDC, and members rose up thrilled with hopes to catch one.

3. Day One: Opening Session


Our special guest speaker, David Jefferson, literally "connected" all DECA members with a fun team-building exercise.

4. Day Two: Competitions - Roleplays


Competitors woke up and put on their game faces! Judged by real-world professionals, everyone tried their hardest in hope of winning a medal at the Awards Session.

5. Day Two: Competition - Promotional Projects


With a display board in hand, competitors hoped to impress their judges with their speaking skills and promotional concepts.

6. Day Two: Candidate Booths


While not competing, members were invited to visit the State Officer Candidate booths to meet the people who would possibly lead the organization in the upcoming year.

7. Day Two: Leadership Village


In between competitions, members like to have fun! Just Dance was available to play, along with many other fun and collaborative games, at the Leadership Village!

8. Day Three: Closing Session


Project Generosity was a success! Nevada DECA chapters collectively raised $2,500 to donate to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and, as a reward, the members got to see State Director Curtis Haley get pied in the face!

9. Day Three: Awards Ceremony


A proud first place finish! Competitors were awarded for their outstanding efforts in their respective competitive events at the Awards Ceremony!

10. Day Three: New State Officer Team Briefing


The newly-elected State Officers and their Officer Coach met for a quick team briefing backstage, thus beginning their journey of representing the members of Nevada DECA!