Top 4 Ways to Utilize Social Media!

Right now social media is one of the hottest things since DECA was founded in 1946. With most of the population on it, it’s easy to share and take information from many sources. But how can YOU separate yourself from the masses to really push your message forward? There is huge potential in each platform from Facebook to Instagram, so here are some tips to make the best out of your DECA posts and attract the most attention.


One word... hashtags. Twitter is all about getting your message to stick in the mind of someone who’s  reading words at 80 MPH and getting engagement from people who aren’t even your followers. If you use trending hashtags you have a significantly greater chance of getting engagement from the other side of the DECA spectrum. For example, if you use #DECAELS, everyone at the conference who’s looking up that hashtag will see your tweet and ponder it for a moment in between their scrolling. Therefore, you get this person in your ecosystem.

This also works for nonmembers who follow you. Obscure thoughts like “#BecauseofDECA I’m not afraid to take on opportunities” will definitely attract their attention and turn their thoughts to DECA even for a second. But hey, that’s better than nothing at all!


As the name indicates, this social media platform is your “face.” Facebook is the place to post the best of the best of your photos and updates because it communicates your (chapter’s) key image. Post content that represents not only when your next meeting is, but what your brand is all about. Things from “Motivational Mondays” to the exciting opportunities you’ve experienced that week will translate to an impressive projection of who you are. Put your best marketing forward in this platform because this is where you are truly selling DECA.


This platform is where you tell the world that you’re really just human like everyone else... the “real” pictures. Where are you? What are you doing now? What are you looking at? The pictures here should just be a simple shot taken from your phone, unlike the more polished photos for Facebook. Add that relatable factor to your (chapter’s) image. Of course you can include information in the caption, but don’t put links unless it’s in your bio. Instagram is personal and for those real-life moments you want to share with your network.


While each social media platform is best at different things, the most important thing is that you just post and get your name out there! DECA recommends posting once a day, four times a week. Make everything you do significant by adding to the conversation. Whether it’s prepping for your next meeting or meeting a legislator, document it. Someone out there will appreciate what you have to say!